In India, literacy is defined as anybody above the age of seven being able to read and write in any language. While the literacy rate of women is 64.6%, yet, only 13% of all Indian women have more than a primary education and only 1% of them have college education.

What are the challenges to girl child
education in India ?

Girls in India face discrimination both inside their homes and outside in their communities
Distance from home
Poor sanitation
Lack of security
Lack of funding
Too few female teachers
Early marriage, child labour, trafficking & exploitation

How is our model of education making a difference?

It is not by accident that our Master and Inspiration – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba - chose to establish a women’s college as His very first educational institution, way back in 1968. Taking that legacy forward, today we have 8 campuses including a University campus exclusively for girls with over 1000 girls being educated totally free of cost.

Key features of our Girl Child education initiative:

Location of campuses deep in the rural hinterlands particularly favourable for girl children
Fully residential campuses exclusively for girls
Modern infrastructure and facilities
Qualified female staff
Continuity from secondary school to university education
Stipend during internship & post-graduation
Mitigation of social evils – early marriage, child labour, trafficking & exploitation
Radical shift in perspective within the child’s family and community

When you invest in girl child education in our institutions, you invest in an entire family. To begin with, the parents don’t have to worry about feeding and clothing their children, leave alone educating them! After their education, the children become independent and not only give back to their families but also pay it forward to their younger sisters & brothers! Thus begins a virtuous cycle that can be sustained and perpetuated when more and more of us join hands to do this together. Needless to say, it’s a win-win situation all around – for the child, the family and most importantly, for you, for us! So come along and take that first step … let’s Each One Embrace One or more today!