Each One Higher Educate One

In an age and world woefully starved of human values, our University aims to offer to the Nation and world at large, an inspired generation of young leaders - graduates, post graduates & doctorates who, like a breath of fresh air, choose:

  • Heart over the head,
  • Society over self,
  • Nation building over personal goals and
  • To pay it forward to future generations.

The Each One Higher Educate One Program has been conceived and instituted to promote and support our students, many of whom are 1st generation literates, for University Education - the final frontier in their Educational Sojourn. This edu-care program calls for an investment of Rs. 150,000 /- per student per annum, to provide not just education but every other necessity of the students absolutely free of cost with the following break-up:

The investment of Rs. 1,50,000 per child covers the tuition fees and other school expenses incurred as per the split-up shown below:

Figure 2 e1e1 Investment: INR 1,50,000 per Child

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