Each One Embrace One (formerly MNBS)

The Each One Embrace One edu-care program has been instituted in homage to late Sri Madiyala Narayana Bhat, the Founder of the Loka Seva Group of Institutions.

Sri Madiyal Narayan Bhat was a great patriot, educationist, philanthropist and thinker of this country, who envisioned the emancipation of society through the establishment of ideal educational institutions, in the Gurukulam model of ancient Bharat. He was truly a sage rooted in the ancient culture of India, but alive to the needs of modern times.

He contributed his enormous amount of land, building and wealth to establish the Loka Seva Group of Institutions back in the 1960s & 70s.

Each One Embrace One

In furtherance of the founder’s vision, the Each One Embrace One edu-care program aims to take the gift of education to not just those who cannot afford it but even to those who just cannot dream of it.
Under this program, not just the education costs but even the other expenses incurred for boarding, lodging, clothing, daily essentials and the personal expenses of the very needy and destitute children are taken care of in toto.
With the primary objective of offering to the poor what they lack and thereby ensuring that no child is deprived of its right to education, our partner schools have devised a carefully crafted selection process that involves:

  • A meticulous recce of the villages surrounding our campuses to identify destitute children from families lacking even the basic necessities.
  • A review of the village Panchayat and district block office records with the help of the concerned officials, to ascertain the facts.
  • A personal interaction and a counselling session with the parent/s or relatives of the children short-listed for the program.
  • An invitation extended to them to visit the campus along with the child to see and understand the opportunity that lies ahead for their child’s bright future.
The Each One Embrace One program thus comes to the rescue of many such otherwise neglected or abandoned children – boys and girls; offering them hope and a second chance at life!
We are already reaping gratifying rewards in the form of many students – beneficiaries of the Each One Embrace One program – who have just completed their graduation in our University and are currently undergoing their internship. It is so very exciting and gratifying to see how those innocent, subdued and clueless children of a few years ago, have today grown and blossomed into dynamic, confident youth, capable of shouldering varied responsibilities and committed to paying it forward to their younger brothers & sisters, what they received and benefited from. Indeed, the true spirit of “what goes around comes around” can be felt here and experienced first-hand!
The Each One Embrace One program calls for an investment of Rs. 70,000/- per student per annum, with the below split-up of costs: