Making quality higher education available and accessible free of cost at the University level

The Each One Higher Educate One Program was conceived and instituted to promote and support the students from our higher secondary schools (many of whom are 1st generation literates) for University Education - the final lap of their holistic education journey. In an age and world woefully starved of human values, our university offers to the nation and the world at large, an inspired generation of young leaders - graduates, postgraduates, and doctorates who, like a breath of fresh air, choose;

  • Heart over the head
  • Society over self
  • Nation-building over personal goals
  • Paying it forward to future generations

Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence

The Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence (SSSUHE) in Kalaburagi (Karnataka) was established in 2019-20, making the Gurukulam system of education available right until the culmination of a student's formal education, providing them a seamless passage from Secondary and Higher Secondary School levels, all the way to Graduation, Postgraduation and even PhD!

Academic Streams

SSSUHE Key Differentiators

A. Self-Development Program

B. Internship Program

Scope of the program

Under this program, the education costs and other expenses incurred for boarding, lodging, clothing, daily essentials, and personal expenses are taken care of in full, for students enrolled in our university.

This Edu-Care Program calls for an investment of INR 2,50,000/- per student per annum.

The cost break for postgraduate courses is the same as for undergraduate courses. The additional ₹1 lakh for the postgraduate courses is towards the stipend paid to the postgraduate students.