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Who Are We

e1e1 is a platform launched and managed by the alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions. Having been recipients of a transformative form of education, we endeavour to pass this benefit on to others and champion the growth of this form of education. Along the way many more have joined us in this journey, individuals and groups who are passionate about quality education, rural empowerment and a education that aims at human character building.

What We Believe In

Education as a service to society offered free of cost

Quality education as a fundamental right of every individual guaranteed by society

Rural empowerment

Education as a tool for rural empowerment and transformation.

Values Based Integral Education

A education that lays special emphasis on character building and nurturing the head, hands and heart.

Responsibility of society to ensure quality education to its members

Every member of society has a direct stake in the education of its younger generation.

You can begin Now! And give a child the gift of education

You can choose to take up the responsibility of one or more children under any of the 3 sponsorship programs below, and start your own journey of selflessly engaging with the world around you by making a contribution.

Your contributions are eligible for 80G tax exemptions.

Dr Suresh Kodapala


Coming from a remote village in Dakshina Kannada and from a modest background, I know the value that good education has had in my life. Today, I am proud to support the cause of free education through e1e1.


(VP Tejas Networks )

As an alumnus of the Sri Sathya Sai system of education, I was always proud of the wonderful education I received as a gift from society, free of cost. Today, I am proud I am able to pay it forward and help a few more children with this kind of education.

Aryan Reddy

(IT Professional)

When I visited one of the magnificent campuses and saw the wonderful work that was going on there, I wanted to be a part of it. Each One Educate One gave me to be associated with the holy work of Vidya Daana in my own modest way.

Dr Satish Babu


When I first began being associated with the program, I had not thought of the positive effect it would have on my family.  Our association and frequent visits to the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva educational campuses has given our family a new meaning in our lives and this work has created a special bond among the family members.

S Ranjini


When I first heard about the Each One Educate program, I instantly connected with the cause. I wanted to be a part of this initiative. I decided to cut back on some of my expenses and save enough to contribute to e1e1 towards the education of one child.

Achinthya Shiva


I was really struck by the story of Preethi for whom the Each One Educate One program came as a lifeline to not abandon her education when her family was facing financial challenges. There are many more Preethi’s out there and I am glad my involvement in Each One Educate One is going towards helping one such Preethi somewhere

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Impact Stories

Umakanta Biradar

Gulbarga, Karnataka

Holistic education helped Umakantha discover the athlete in him. He wants to give others to have the same opportunities he received. Read more…

Preethi Basavaraj

Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

A financial crisis in the family almost ended a promising academic career when Preethi received new hope to pursue her aspiration to become a doctor. Read more…

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