Gifting values-based and quality education to rural, underprivileged children

Each One Educate One (e1e1) Foundation is an Indian NGO that offers the Gift of Quality Education to the needy and underprivileged children residing in rural India, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, race, religion or geography. Initiated in 2015, e1e1 Foundation is a firm believer that education is a fundamental human right and the single best way to enable and empower people. Hence, the Foundation walks the extra mile to ensure accessibility to quality education at all levels. The Foundation has set out to realize this vision through a collective collaboration between the Society (Samaja), the Government (Sarkara) and the Institution (Samstha).


To realise a world where every child has access to quality values-based and holistic education.


To serve as a global platform for like-minded individuals and institutions to participate in giving every child access to quality values-based and holistic education.

Be the light in a child’s life
Support a child completely
  • • All donations of ₹500 and above are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.
  • • Upon making a contribution, you will receive donation receipt and tax exemption certificate for your donated amount.

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3000 Students
27 Campuses
22 Districts
3 States



Our Edu-Care Programmes

Under this programme, students hailing from underprivileged and underserved backgrounds are provided the opportunity to access high quality values-based education, free of cost..

Programme cost: ₹27,000/child/annum

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Under this programme, not just the education costs, but additional expenses for boarding, lodging, clothing, daily essentials of the very needy and destitute children are taken care of in total.

Programme cost: ₹70,000/child/annum

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This programme has been conceived and instituted to promote and support our students, many of whom are 1st generation literates, for university education – the final frontier in their educational sojourn.

Programme cost: ₹1,50,000/child/annum

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Our Beneficiaries

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Hon’ble Shri Amit Shah Ji
Ms Jennifer Cornsweet
Dr Hiramalini Seshadri
Dr David Cornsweet

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